iProd at the Imagine FoF 2020: Factories of the future towards Horizon 2020

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Paul Xirouchakis.




Last June iProd took part to the Joint Dissemination Conference FoF-H2020 in Geneva, Switzerland. This conference addressed the European companies who are currently involved in research in the domain of manufacturing under the aegis of the FP7 PPP programme.


It was composed of two plenary conferences per day in which high profile international speakers from industry, government and research were invited to discuss the future of the manufacturing sector, facing global triple-bottom line challenges: competition from emerging economies, environmental concerns, resource scarcity, new learning-training paradigms, demographic changes etc…


Besides over 50 ...

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Optimisation Modules in iProd

02/20/2014 by iProd WebAdmin in News

Jason Tsahalis, Caroline Sainvitu, Roberto d’Ippolito

One of the ways in which iProd supports engineers and companies in the PDP is through a couple of optimisation modules aimed to achieve a perfect organisation of activities in the always complex management environment of a product development. Even if development of a new product from an existing reference can be highly automated with iProd, the heterogeneity of tasks to be carried out and resources involved during the whole process makes extremely difficult for managers to achieve a perfectly optimised schedule and plan, in order to save time and reduce costs.

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